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There is something enthralling about a casino. The little shiny lights of the slot machines, the people at the poker tables with their absolute concentration, the excitement around the many game tables and the fun atmosphere all around. Casinos are no longer just for the rich people with plenty of money and their shady dealings. Now with so many options and so much variety, it is not only the to spend a weekend splurging on games but also for a family getaway.

Our casino is centrally located and with our different selection of rooms to fit your needs and budget, it is the absolutely perfect location for a short vacation or an extended stay.need a new weekend getaway? visit our casino! Our well-trained and efficient staff will ensure that you have a smooth and comfortable stay right from checking in to checking out. We cannot stress the importance of how valuable and important each and every one of our guests is.


If you are an adult and above the legal age for gambling, and more importantly if you have the money to indulge, there is no dearth of options at the casino. Here are a few ideas to make the most of your time at our casino:

  • Place your bets and use your skills to play a game of Poker with some interesting players.
  • Let the rolling wheel test you in a game of Roulette.
  • Is your favorite number 21? See if you get ‘hit’ or get lucky at one of our Blackjack tables.
  • Try matching your cards and winning at a game of Rummy.
  • See if luck is on your side at one of our many Slot machines. You could even win the daily or weekly jackpot.


Our zodiac casino resort not only ensures a fantastic experience for the game loving guests but we have something in offer for everyone.Spending your weekend at the casino could never have been more fun! Book your hotel accommodation well in advance and avail big discounts. You can also enter our Scratch and Win card contests win some fabulous gifts and offers on your next visit.For our young patrons we have a lot of interesting options to choose from. You can enjoy a leisurely late breakfast followed by a relaxing time by the pool. Take a walk around our award-winning garden aptly called The Garden of Eden in the company of a wide variety of plants and exotic flowers. You could dine at one of our many restaurants catering to a worldwide selection of cuisines to choose from. We can also arrange for a City Tour depending on your preferences. Watch some amazing performances like concerts and musical shows by booking your tickets in advance.


If relaxation is on your mind, do try our Spa and Fitness Centre that will totally rejuvenate you to prepare for a night of dancing and revelry at one of our nightclubs. If sport is on your mind, you could tee off at our indoor mini Golf course. We also have three Lawn Tennis courts so that you don’t miss out on your daily workout.


A vacation would be incomplete without good food and that’s the reason our various restaurants cater to an array of international cuisines such as French, American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese and Burmese. We also have a Tea Bar where you can sample teas from around the world. Our 24-hour coffee shop is a great place to stop for a bite between meals or to satiate that midnight craving. Our Sports Bar is the ideal place to enjoy a game with beer and friends for company.


One of our other attractions is our Dancing Waterfall and the adjoining promenade, which is an open-air venue for entertainment and dining. The satisfaction and security of our guests is our prime concern and we constantly endeavor to provide our guests not only a world-class casino experience but also to make sure that each of our guests carry with them priceless memories of their stay with us. As they say, ‘Nothing lasts forever, only memories do.’ Do visit us and give us a chance to make this come true!